Prayer Petitions

You may request a healing (physical, emotional, psychological, mental, financial, and/or spiritual) for yourself or others. You may also leave a prayer request for any projects, business endeavors, or relationships as well.

Two to three times a week, Christina will perform ceremonial prayers to bring in Divine Light over the Prayer Petitions. She also sends in the prayer requests to Astara once a month where they have a team of healing ministers who pray over the prayer petitions on a daily
and weekly basis. In addition, Astara also have a team of healing volunteers to work on individual healing for individual healing petitions as well. Every prayer petition submitted is held in strictest confidence.

It is best to submit prayer requests on a monthly basis until you feel the situation is resolved.

If you wish to submit a prayer petition to Astara directly, you may do so at

Healing prayers are not intended to replace conventional medicine or treatment. Please consult with your medical professional for your condition.

Prayer Petition Request Form

Gift Donation

Any donation is much appreciated to help pay for the ongoing operational expenses required in running the infrastructure of the business. Please note that donations made are not tax deductible. The Bodega Cat Healing Center and its affiliates are not non-profit organizations.

For those who donated in any amount: May the good karma generated come back to you and your family, many, many times, Spiritually, Materially, and Financially, and may it be used to partially neutralize your negative karma. With thanks and in full faith. SO BE IT! (adapted from Master Choa Kok Sui).

Disclaimer: The Bodega Cat Healing Center is not a licensed facility of any kind. We are a drug-free, smoke-free, surgery-free, non-invasive, holistic, cost-effective healing center. Therefore, we are not authorized to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any illnesses. Pet parents are encouraged to consult their pet’s professional team (veterinarian) as well as their own professional team for any professional advice, medical or otherwise.  Akashic Readings are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Christina is not a professional CPA, lawyer, doctor, or any other professional titles. Consult your professional team as needed. All services are provided through The Bodega Cat Healing Society, a private membership association. All Rights Reserved. Members Only. Payments are managed by Logan Investments, LLC, a business member of The Bodega Cat Healing Society.

All sales final. As a courtesy to other clients, appointments may be rescheduled 24 hours in advance. No refund is given.