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I’m having shoulder and neck pain and stiffness and muscles. After my visit to this healing center and getting exposed to the EE system, I felt the lot of pain relief and much more relaxed. It’s a great place and great experience to have.

Ara F.

EE System session

Christina gave me a beautiful reading.  I felt a sense of peace, calm and truth after.   She has a way of guiding and bringing you back to your center and inner knowing in a calm and powerful way to help you access your inner guidance.   She helped me gain clarity and gave supportive guidance in regards to my questions.  I love that she has an EE Energy System for cats!   Thanks Christina for all your love, care and support for the animals and people!

Gina M.

Akashic Records Reading session

The healing session with my cat at Bodega Cat Healing Center was amazing. My cat is not feeling well & suffering from a large mass in his abdomen. I could tell that after we had our first session that he had more energy and wasn’t in as much discomfort. While in the room with the EE system, the energy feels so clean. It’s unlike anything I’ve felt before. And it’s so peaceful & therapeutic in the healing room. It’s one of the most peaceful places I’ve been. I’m so grateful for Christina offering such a wonderful & necessary healing environment for my precious kitty and myself. We will definitely be visiting often. Thank you so much!

Sandie C.

EE Session

Thank you for your reading and your input.  It reminded me of things I need to do to connect with my higher angels and spirit guides.

Marlene M.

Akashic Records Reading session

This sort of thing is new to me, but it definitely was amazing. My first impression was an ‘oh wow’ and that’s still the case as I review and sort through the information.

Kim S.

Akashic Records reading session

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