The Bodega Cat Kitties & Doggies

Doggie Stella (June 2024): Doggie Stella is an 8 year old Pug with UTI, blindness, and anxiety. Mom Adrienne is bringing Doggie Stella to the Center for some holistic treatments. We wish Doggie Stella good health and long life!

Doggie Lucky (June 2024): Doggie Lucky is an 11 year old Poodle. He is generally healthy, however, he is having some incontinence issues. Mom Renata is bringing Doggie Lucky to the Center for some holistic healing!

Kitty Marmalade (February 2024): Kitty Marmalade is a 10 year old male tabby with diabetes. He is Kitty Pumpkin’s brother and lives with Mom Isis. He is currently on insulin. Mom Isis is seeking alternative treatments for his ailment. Both Kitties Pumpkin and Marmalade are on our prayer list and we are praying for their healing everyday!

Kitty Pumpkin (February 2024): Kitty Pumpkin is a 10 year old male orange tabby with hyperthyroidism. Mom Isis is bringing him to the Center for some EE sessions.

Doggie Zorba (February 2024): Doggie Zorba is a 14 year old Maltese Poodle with lymphoma and is currently having some respiratory difficulties. He is coming to the Center for EE sessions with Mom Andrea and Dad Chris. Both Mom Andrea and Dad Chris report that Doggie Zorba gets excited when he comes to The Bodega Cat Healing Center because he knows this is his “happy place”!

Doggie Roxy (February 2024): Doggie Roxy is a 11 year old Chihuahua, part of Doggie Maya and Dad Owen’s family. She loves food, walking and running! She is generally healthy and loves following Doggie Maya around!

Doggie Maya (February 2024): Doggie Maya is a 15 year old Chihuahua. The family calls her “Mama” because she had 2 sets of puppies with 4 puppies each set! That’s a lot of puppies coming out of such a small little doggie!! She is having some gastric issues. Doggie Maya and Dad Owen are coming to the Center for some EE System sessions.

Doggie Ice (January 2024): Ukiah and Ice were a mother and son husky. Ukiah was a 16 ½ year old white husky and Ice was a 12 year old black and white husky. Ukiah (mom) suddenly became paralyzed on the back legs and went into a coma almost overnight. Mom Joyce took her to the vet but she passed away shortly afterwards. Doggie Ice (son) became ill right around the time Doggie Ukiah died. He became very weak, lost his appetite, having vomiting episodes and bloody stool. He came to the Center for EE system treatments and energy healing. He had some improvement (started drinking a  little, pooping with no blood). But, sadly he passed away shortly afterwards as well. Our hearts and prayers are with Mom Joyce as she goes through this very difficult period in her life.

Doggie Kingston (December 2023): Doggie Kingston is a 15 year old poodle. According to Mom Tara, Doggie Kingston is a “popular dog-man of the world, man about town getting into his elder years.” Mom Tara is exploring the EE System to help Doggie Kingston boost his energy up.

Kitty Figaro (November 2023): Kitty Figaro is an 11 year old Tuxedo cat. Mom Marissa found him in her backyard when he was only 6 weeks old. He loves to eat, cuddle, and sleep! Although Kitty Figaro is in fairly good health, Mom Marissa did notice that he has lost some weight lately. Her intention is that if there are any underlying ailments, the EE system will help him stay healthy and strong!

Kitty Marvin (September 2023)Kitty Marvin is a 5 week old rescue kitty found in Downtown LA. When he was rescued, he was found infested with fleas which infected one of his eyes. He was recently diagnosed with feline parvovirus, a highly contagious feline disease. We have been praying for Marvin since July and his mom Melinda reports that Marvin is feeling better and is currently 1.5 lb 9he was less than 1lb before). He will be seeing his vet at the end of the month. We pray for a clean bill of health for little Marvin!

Update: Kitty Marvin went to the vet on 12/12 and the vet said he is getting better. He still needs to be in quarantine for another 6 months while he builds up his immune system before he can play with his other kitty siblings. The emergency vet and three other vets overlooked the fact that Kitty Marvin is a girl!! So, Mom Melinda is calling Kitty Marvin “Kitty Marilyn”!! I guess doctors don’t know everything after all! We wish Kitty Marilyn and Mom Melinda good health and long life!!

Kitty Choi Choi (September 2023): Kitty Choi Choi is a 5 year old Tuxedo Ragdoll cat. He is diagnosed with a mass in the abdomen the size of a small apple in July of 2023. His vet was unable to remove the mass surgically because it is intertwined with blood vessels. He lives with his kitty sister Pom Pom, his two birdie sisters Sunshine and Flutter Buttercup, birdie brother Tang, and his mom Sandra who is a stage 4 breast and bone cancer survivor. We are all rooting for Kitty Choi Choi for a full recovery!

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