Akashic Records Reading


What are the Akashic Records? The Akashic Records are also known as the “Book of Life” or “God’s Book of Remembrance”. They are a vibrational collection of a soul’s journey through time and space. They record the thoughts, words, and deeds of a soul’s experience. The Records exist in the non-physical plane and therefore can only be accessed energetically. The word “Akashic” comes from the Sanskit word akasha which means “primary substance” or “aether”. It is the substance from which all other elements (earth, wind, fire, and air) derive from.

In the past, the Records were accessed only through mystics, monks, and others who were highly spiritual. Today, because of the Great Awakening, they are more accessible to everyday individuals.

Each individual who comes for a reading has a “Book of Life” specific to him or her. In our session, we will access that “Book” energetically through a special prayer or invocation using the person’s current legal name. In addition, the Records can be accessed for personal growth and development, career or business enterprises, artistic endeavors, past life or ancestral healing, relationship healing, and much more to help guide the individual through current life’s challenges. The Records can also access the energy of an animal, a building, an object, a business or a project.

One of the things that surprised me about the Akashic Records is how practical it can be. When my mom passed away in 2015, I opened the Records to write her eulogy. Usually, when I write, there are a lot of drafts and revisions. Her eulogy required very little to no revisions. In 2018, I was in between jobs and was job hunting. I opened the Records before job interviews and was able to land an upper management position with a 6 figure salary. In my rental property business, I have opened the Records to clear space and find tenants for my properties. These are just a few of the many occasions that I have opened the Records for.

Humanitarian Project

Humanitarian Project 

Do you have a humanitarian project but feel confused, lost, stuck, or don’t know where to start? Never fear, your Records are here! In this one-on-one, in-person consultation session, we will open your Records and ask your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones (and your Higher Soul!) for concrete guidance and directions. We will explore in-depth the ins-and-outs of your humanitarian project, its structure, organization, focus, mission, vision, as well as its energetic and spiritual blueprint. We will be having fun with white boards, internet research, and other fun physical and energetic activities. Zoom consultation is available for non-local people.”

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